The chase after vote buyers: the Transcarpathian police are conducting house searches

Transcarpathian law enforcement agencies launched a major raid on July 15 to search for vote buyers in the region.

According to the police, they found a group of people who were in possession of a list of potential individuals willing to sell their votes in the early parliamentary elections.

Ino the video filmed during the search Petro Dobromilsky, a candidate from district 71 was outraged because armed employees of law enforcement agencies broke into his home in the morning.
Armed men also appeared in Gyula, inhabited by Hungarians. Local representative Károly Rezes told the Goloskarpat reporter that he was convinced that the aim was to intimidate the Transcarpathian minorities. According to an on-site report by the newspaper, residents believe that this is to prevent people from casting their votes to the representatives of Hungarians of Transcarpathia.

A Ukrainian SWAT team also broke into the home of the mayor of Shalank.

It is indeed a fact that corruption and vote-buying in the country should be eradicated.

However, the question arises as to whether the list of „maybe willing to sell their votes” is not a mere projection and actually provides the authorities with a good reason for the authorities to send individuals in masks and with machine guns to attack their representatives.

The special operation will last until the day of the early parliamentary elections.