Vegetables rise in prices in February

In February 2023, most food products in Ukraine continued to rise in price, with onions and carrots rising in price the most.

The relevant data on average consumer prices for goods and services in Ukraine was issued by the State Statistics Service, Ukrinform reports.

In February compared to January, the price of onions increased by 31.9% – from UAH 32 to UAH 42.3 per kilogram, carrots – by 17.8%, from UAH 24.4 to UAH 28.8.

The prices of apples, white cabbage and potatoes also grew, but not so significantly – by 5%, 8.3% and 1.8%, respectively.

However, according to published data, the price of beets fell to UAH 11.4 in February from UAH 12.2 in January (-5.9%), eggs – to UAH 62 from UAH 63.1 (-1.9%), buckwheat – to an average of UAH 65.7 per kg from UAH 68.9 per kg (-4.6%).

As reported, according to the State Statistics Service, consumer inflation in Ukraine in January 2023 compared to December 2022 was 0.8%. In the January 2023, consumer prices grew by 26% compared to January 2022.