Easter activities in the Nagybereg Region House

The yard of the Nagybereg Region House has been quiet for a long time. However, the approaching holiday broke the void. An Easter program was organized in the region house by the non-governmental organization, Pro Cultura Subcarpathica.

The program included easter egg painting and making traditional sweets. This time, however, not only Transcarpathian schoolchildren took part in the program, but the refugees from other parts of Ukraine, like Kiev, Kharkiv and Mikolajiv. It was the first Easter program in the Nagybereg Region House for more than 60 people.

The region’s traditional egg painting techniques were shown on the occasion. Mainly eggs boiled in onion peels were made and decorated with the help of two local craftswoman and teachers, Andrea Mester Baksa and Éva Furman. As egg scratching is time-consuming process, everyone could prepare only one egg. The technique was considered to be a novelty, most of the children made this kind of egg painting for the first time.

While children were having fun with the easter activities, yellow cottage cheese was cooked in the kitchen. This traditional Easter sweet cannot be absent from the festive table of Greek Catholics, but it is also cooked by families of other religions. The so called sweet cottage cheese is very popular in Nagybereg and its neighbourhood. The cooking was mainly carried out by the mothers of the children.

Folk games were very popular among the little ones. As they claimed, they have never played folk games before, so it was a great fun for them to play together.

The program was implemented by the NGO Pro Cultura Subcarpathica with the support of the Csoóri Sándor Fund.