Shmyhal: It is possible that gas price for population may fall

Szerző: | 2021.06.18., 16:01 | News

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Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal does not rule out that Ukrainians will be able to receive gas at a lower monthly tariff.

He stated this during an Hour of Questions to the Government in the Verkhovna Rada on June 18, the Government portal reports.

Today, all private gas consumers of the National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine use an annual product.

“The gas market has started working in Ukraine. The price is formed on exchanges, in particular on international ones. More than 80 companies supply natural gas to industrial and private consumers. Today, Naftogaz has more than 1 million private consumers who receive gas at the price of an annual product. It is equal to UAH 7.96 per cubic meter. In parallel, there is stock trading. An indicative monthly price is being set. No citizen uses Naftogaz’s monthly tariff. Therefore, during the year, starting from June 1, all private consumers of Naftogaz, including those who join now, receive gas at a price of UAH 7.96 per cubic meter,” Shmyhal said.

At the same time, according to the prime minister, there are significant price fluctuations in the world and Ukrainian gas markets. Today, the indicative price per cubic meter of gas is over 11 UAH.

“It is possible that in the future this price may fall, and in this case, Ukrainians will be able to get gas at a lower monthly tariff,” Shmyhal noted.


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