International online conference was held about the minority protection

Szerző: | 2021.04.30., 14:22 | News

Online conference “Minority Protection and Ethnic Group Rights in Central and Central Eastern Europe” was held on 29th of April with focus on Estonia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The event was attended by István Csernicskó, rector of the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education.

The international online conference continues with the theme of minority protection in the countries Estonia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The event which aims to provide an overall picture of minority protection and ethnic group rights in selected states from the perspective of science and politics, theory and practice, was took place on an online platform and was also be streamed online.

The international conference was organised by the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) and the Cultural Foundation of German Expellees for Science and Research (Kulturstiftung der Deutschen Vertriebenen für Wisssenschaft und Forschung). It meets the demand to organise a symposium where numerous German and European representatives from science and politics as well as from the ranks of national minorities and ethnic groups could exchange ideas. The expert conference was intended to contribute to gaining an overview of the extent to which the existing agreements of the Council of Europe on the one hand and possible new legal protection elements within the framework of the EU on the other hand could contribute to improving the level of minority protection in the European context.

The participation in the conference is especially important for us – remarked Istvan Csernicsko. He added: We were able to provide information to European organizations, politicians about the linguistic and minority rights of the Hungarian community living in Ukraine, as well as the restrictive measures of Ukrainian state policy.

At the end of the conference, Andrea Bocskor, Member of Parliament, explained that she is concerned about what is happening in Ukraine. He drew attention to the fact that minority policy in Ukraine should be pursued in the interests of minorities.

The conference can be viewed on the organization’s YouTube channel.


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