On Tamás Esze’s path

Szerző: | 2021.05.25., 15:02 | News

Fotó: Fülöp László

The Pro Cultura Subcarpathica recalled the event connecting to the war of independence of Ferenc Rákóczi II.

The civil organization presented the historical antecedents of the War of Independence connecting to Beregszász. This recalling of the historical event was the first “festival” of the Pro Cultura Subcarpathica this year. Epidemiological rules didn’t allow for a large-scale event this year, so the organizers decided to hold small performances.

The locations of the event were Mezővári, Borzsova, Nagymuzsaly and Beregszász, where the participants unfolded the flag of Rákóczi, remembering the way Tamás Esze kuruc leader recruited the army on behalf of Rákóczi. Then they entertained the audience with dances from Hajdúság.

A quiet wreath was held at the bust of Tamás Esze at the end of the event.


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