Quiet wreathing in Uzhhorod Castle

Szerző: | 2020.10.09., 15:10 | News

Csendes koszorúzás az ungvári várban 2020. szeptember 20-án (Fotó: Kárpátalja.ma)

Civil organization Pro Cultura Subcarpathica has been holding commemoration for years about Miklos Bercsényi and his wife, Krisztina Csáky. In the current situation, only a quiet wreathing was held in Uzhhorod Castle on 20th of September.

Miklós Bercsényi was the most loyal man of Ferenc Rákóczi II. He participated in the war of independence. The earl belonged to the most educated people of the age, just like his wife, Krisztina Csáky. Two busts in Uzhhorod Castle preserve the memory of the earl and his wife.

At the event, the attendees wreathed the busts of the earl and his wife.

Finally, the organizers presented a video about the festivals of previous years. Besides handed out flyers announcing the next year’s event.

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