Balassi in Love – Charity Event in Beregszász

On 14 February the NGO Pro Cultura Subcarpathica (PCS) held a charity event whose main aim was to pay tribute to one of our best-known Hungarian poets, Bálint Balassi.

Bálint’s Day was originally a Christian religious holiday originating in antiquity, which has been associated with numerous folk traditions and observations over the years. Since 1997, the Balassi Bálint Memorial Sword Award has also been presented in Buda, literary evenings have been organized in several places in connection with the day.

At the beginning of the event, Fornosi-Domáreckájá Júlia, actress from Beregszász, recited one of Bálint Balassi’s poem “Kit egy bokrétáról szerzett”. After that, Miklós Heinczinger, musician and member of the Mistral band began his performance. The musician sang Balassi poems from the 16th-century. His repertoire included the poet’s songs about being a soldier, penance, asking for blessings, and farewell lullabies.

In the second part of the evening, Júlia Fornosi-Domárecká joined the musician and performed a composition of László Vári Fábián, our Transcarpathian poet who was awarded the Balassi Memorial Sword. Finally, Miklós Heinczinger closed the charity evening with poems presented in musical form.

PCS has placed donation boxes on the site. The money raised will be spent on supporting the young people of Tulipán Tanoda. Besides the individual donations, the Kiscsikó canteen and restaurant, as well as the Egán Ede Vocational Training Centre in Tiszapéterfalva also contributed to the support of young talents.