Colour theory from Transcarpathia

I am a painter and an art teacher from the city of Uzhhorod, Transcarpathia, Ukraine’s westernmost region. I teach elementary to middle school kids to love ARTS. I am also involved in primary teacher training most of whom are being employed after graduation in public education in Transcarpathia. Not so long ago when I delivered a lecture on colour theory we talked about basic knowledge about colours, colour symbolism, and emotional sensations that colours may evoke in a person.  I would like, by colour analogy, trigger emotional responses in those who read this post.

Ukraine has a lot of vibrant colours, mostly amazing blues and yellows. They are powerful and they are on the opposite side of the colour wheel, but they are complementary. These colours are full of light and warmth, like the endless, clear blue sky. The palette of the country contains all the colours of the traditional seven-colour rainbow. It is especiallty true of Transcarpathia that has a really concentrated and colourful palette with hundreds of different SHADES and VALUES.

However, at present we are losing our colours and paints in a huge amount and at a horrifyingly fast pace. We cannot let them disappear, waste them or let them dry out. Let us keep as many colours as possible. Though we mix and match, and at times we can turn really dark, hazy and muddy, by mixing our individual colours we can create marvellous vibrant shades wich are unique. These colours and paints are not good or bad, it all depends on WHO and HOW uses them. We should NOT use them in the name of destruction. So let us use our colours for creating a new and better world-Home!

Soon we will have nothing left, every colour will fade away, soon we will be surrounded by a black and white world, with some greys mixed in.

Which do you prefer, Option A or B?

I opt for B,