Day of Hungarian Culture in Ungvár

On 22 January, NGO Pro Cultura Subcarpathica (PCS) started its year with the celebration of the Day of Hungarian Culture in Ungvár.

For this special occasion the 15-year-old Kokas Banda gave a concert at the Transcarpathian academic puppet theatre “Bavka”. The show was a summary of the accumulated Transcarpathian folklore that has lived over the past 15 years. The formation supports the employment of Transcarpathian folk musicians. It provides an opportunity for young people to experience music together in the orchestra, as well as to learn and practice teaching activities. The band’s work has been recognized in Ukraine and Hungary as well.

At the opening ceremony, Áron Cseh, senior consul of the Consulate General of Hungary in Ungvár, said that “on this day our millennia-old traditions and roots are remembered, which are important to every Hungarian person”.

He highlighted that Hungarian people must be proud of this day, as their nation has given a lot to the cultures of Europe and the world. He wished everyone for this legacy to give strength and perseverance to solve everyday problems.

Ildikó Orosz, President of PCS, revived the history of the writing and formation of the Hungarian anthem, which is a prayer to God for saving Hungarian people and protecting the nation.

As she expressed “when we sing the national anthem, we sing church songs and the prayer of the Hungarians. It belongs to everyone and represents our culture. It is our task to preserve it.”

Afterwards, Andriana Sushko, Vice President of the Transcarpathian County Council, greeted the attendees.

After the greetings, the Hungarian national anthem was sung, and the Kokas Banda began its performance. At the concert, the traditions of Transcarpathia came to life. Their repertoire included shepherd melodies “csárdás” (traditional Hungarian folk dance) and gypsy dances from Nagypalád. As well as children’s games and melodies from Nagydobrony, dances from Szőlősgyula, and wedding dances from the Upper Tisza region.

After the performance, certificates of merit were given for the revival and transmission of the Transcarpathian Hungarian folk song. Irén Barta, Lídia Kocsis, Margit Szántó, Julia Nagy, Gizella Molnár, Borbála Ráti, Mária F. Szanyi, László Kokas, Károly Kokas and József Kokas received the award.

The event was supported by the Hungarian Government.