European Council to consider Ukraine’s application for EU membership in June

The EU leaders plan to consider Ukraine’s application for EU membership at the EU summit scheduled for June.

That’s according to European Council conclusions on Ukraine published on the website of the European Council, Ukrinform reports.

“The European Council takes note of the preparation of the Commission’s opinions on the application for EU membership of Ukraine as well as the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, and will revert to the matter at its June meeting,” the statement said.

In addition, the document expresses support for efforts to establish and document war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine and reaffirms its commitment to intensify pressure on Russia and Belarus to thwart Russia’s war against Ukraine. The European Council also agrees that the sixth package of sanctions against Russia will cover crude oil, as well as petroleum products, delivered from Russia into Member States, with a temporary exception for crude oil delivered by pipeline. The document also contains assurances that the European Union will continue to provide defensive, humanitarian and economic assistance to Ukraine against the background of Russian aggression, as well as after the war.

“Ukraine’s reconstruction will require comprehensive support to rebuild the country for the future. The European Union and its Member States are prepared to play a major role in this regard,” the document reads.