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High Council of Justice urges to expel Russia from UN and OSCE

Ukraine’s High Council of Justice appealed to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Matteo Mecacci with a request to immediately initiate the expulsion of the Russian Federation from these organizations.

“We call on the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner and the OSCE ODIHR to immediately initiate the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the OSCE! We believe that the decision to expel Russia is right as an aggressor country that does not share democratic European values ​​and does not comply with international law cannot be a member of the UN and the OSCE,” reads the statement by the High Council of Justice (HCJ).

The HCJ emphasizes that Russia’s aggressive aggression is incompatible with the principles and values ​​of international organizations that are guided by law and aimed at maintaining world peace.

In particular, it is stated that international humanitarian law and international human rights law stipulate that all parties to the conflict must do their utmost to ensure that civilians and the wounded can be removed from the scene of danger, and that they must be provided with quick and unhindered access to medical equipment and staff, as well as food and clothing for infants and young children.

“Despite these and all other international documents, more than a thousand houses, hundreds of educational institutions have been destroyed in our country, more than 3,000 ordinary Ukrainians, including 136 children, have been killed during the war, unleashed by Russia and ongoing for a month now. Since the beginning of hostilities, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the occupiers have fired 467 ground- or sea-based missiles and conducted 1,804 air raids. More than 1,100 missiles have been fired on Ukrainian cities during Russia’s war against Ukraine. This is 11 times as much as during the war in Syria. This number keeps growing,” the HCJ stressed.

It is noted that the occupiers chaotically fire on Ukrainian cities and 90% of these attacks are launched on non-military targets.

The HCJ emphasizes that the Russian military, in violation of numerous international conventions, continue to attack medical facilities. In particular, six Ukrainian healthcare workers have been killed and 16 more have been injured during the war. The Russians also shelled 135 hospitals, 9 of which were destroyed. In addition, 43 ambulances came under fire.

Despite these atrocities, Russia remains a member of reputable international organizations, the HCJ emphasizes.

Source: ukrinform.net