Quiet wreathing in Beregszász in memory of March 15

In the current situation, only a quiet wreathing was held in Beregszász on 15th of March.

In memory of the national holiday of our Hungarianness, the participants paid their respect in memory of the „márciusi ifjak”, the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848–49.

The event was attended by directorate of the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education, the Vocational High School of the College, the office director of the „GENIUS” Charity Foundation, the Pro Cultura Subcarpathica civil organization and the representatives of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association.

The participants placed their wreaths under the Kossuth memorial plaque on the wall of Rákóczi-college.It was followed bythe wreath-laying of the Petőfi memorial plaque on the wall of the former Lion Inn. Finally, representatives of the organizations and institutions listed above placed their wreaths at the foot of the Petőfi-statue.

The silent remembrance, organized with a few participants, faithfully expressed respectin memory of the victims of theHungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49, who stood up heroically for their homeland, their nation.

Adél Gál