Third round of Ukraine-Russia talks will take place on Saturday or Sunday

The third round of negotiations between the delegations of Ukraine and Russia will take place tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, announced this at a briefing on Friday, March 4, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“We are waiting, because we are in constant contact, in direct contact. When it becomes clear that we are ready, for example, to move on to a ceasefire, we have an option, then the delegation goes on to work. For the sake of our people, who have already proved that you can’t do anything with them in eight days, the Russians also understand that the maximum number of people must be killed in order for us to do something. In order to make sure people are not killed, we are ready to go at any time and continue working,” Podoliak said.

He noted that the Russians also understand that it is not as simple as they wanted. Even today, no country, not even Belarus, will be on their side, he said.