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U.S. allows Baltic states to send American arms to Ukraine

The U.S. has cleared Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to supply U.S.-made missiles and other weaponry to Ukraine.

That’s according to a Reuters report, referring to sources in the Department of State, seen by Ukrinform.

“Under export control regulations, countries must obtain approval from the State Department before transferring any weapons they received from the United States to third parties,” the report reads.

Such approvals will allow Estonia to transfer Javelin anti-tank missiles, while Lithuania will be cleared to send Stinger missiles, one of the sources says.

Russia continues to build up its military presence units in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and around the country’s borders, using such military preparations to blackmail the United States and NATO. If the West refuses to accept Russia’s „proposals,” the Kremlin government publicly threatens measures of a „military and military-technical nature.”