Ukraine’s demand for used cars up 56% in August

Szerző: | 2021.09.08., 09:51 | News


Ukrainians registered 51.3 thousand used cars imported from abroad in August 2021, which is 56% more than in August 2020, according to the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (Ukrautoprom).

“In August 2021, the share of used cars imported from abroad reached 86% of all passenger cars registered in Ukraine over the reporting month,” reads the report.

In August 2021, the most popular model of used cars’ imported from abroad was Volkswagen Passat, with 3,327 registrations by Ukrainians last month.

In second place is Renault Megane, with 2,832 used cars registrations in August 2021.

Volkswagen Golf took third place, with 2,697 used car registrations, followed by Skoda Octavia (2,435 cars), and Ford Focus (1,657).

In total, in January-August 2021, 301 thousand imported cars from other countries were registered in Ukraine, which is 46% more than last year.

As Ukrinform reported, in August 2020, Ukrainians registered 32.8 thousand used cars imported from abroad, which is 35% more than in August 2019.


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