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Poland puts forward EUR 100B plan to rebuild Ukraine from EU budget

There is a need to allocate EUR 100 billion from the EU budget to rebuild Ukraine’s destroyed infrastructure.

“A restoration plan is needed, which I also discussed with the President of the European Commission. For example, EUR 100 billion that would be allocated by the European Union to restore the destroyed infrastructure, schools, hospitals, bombed residential areas in the coming years,” Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said, Ukrinform reports.

He added that Ukraine would need an investment package as the country’s economy would need new investments and workforce. In addition, Ukraine will require energy security.

“May the war end sooner and make our part of Europe eventually independent from Russian gas, oil, and coal,” Morawiecki stressed, noting this is a necessary condition for peace to be restored in the future.

As Poland’s PM stressed, there is now “favorable ground” for Ukraine to become EU member. Therefore, it is necessary to take a “fast path” to Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.